Dr. Patrick Porter’s Brain Tap integrates all the life lessons of Tessa Greenspan’s positivity workshops. In my new audio, Dr. Porter delivers a serene summary, providing an engaging combination of mindful meditation, soothing sounds and audio summary of life lessons from author/motivational speaker Tessa Greenspan.   Some key points include:

  • You can change every challenge into an opportunity.
  • Learn to manage your stress with the power of positivity.
  • Good leaders are lifelong learners.
  • Integrate all your life lessons into a gameplan.
  • Core leadership skills include learning, agility, integrity and the ability to listen and delegate.
  • Create a trail of kindness wherever you go.

You can listen here to the audio meditation for Greenspan’s book, “From Outhouse to Penthouse.”  Learn more about Dr. Patrick Porter and BrainTap here or check out their audio catalog.