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Learn creative ways to increase business, differentiate your business, lead with integrity and innovative marketing strategies.  Are you struggling to see the rainbow beyond the storm? Life is full of trials and tribulations, learning how to navigate through these while also running a business can seem almost impossible. Tessa Greenspan knows this struggle all too well. During her discussion she will open up about her road to success success and creative strategies to differentiate your business and thinking out of the box marketing. She is also available for book talks. Email her at:

American Business Women’s Association Neapolitan Chapter holds its October chapter Zoom meeting from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27

Tessa Greenspan. The former owner of Sappington Farmers Market in St. Louis for 28 years will present “From Outhouse to Penthouse.” Greenspan took over the bankrupt business from her partners, turning it from one million dollars in debt to 10 million dollars in sales. Greenspan sold the business to pursue a successful speaking and writing career. Her recent memoir has become an international bestseller: “From Outhouse to Penthouse – Life Lessons on Love, Laughter and Leadership,” is available on Amazon. The book is in the process of becoming a movie. All registered on Eventbrite will be sent the Zoom meeting sign-on email with the meeting link and password, which you will need for security. Reservation deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 27 at noon. Download the Zoom app from the App Store (it’s Zoom iCloud meetings – a Blue box with a white video icon) prior to attending the meeting. The app is free. Cost is $10 for ABWA members and visitors. For problems or questions, contact Hospitality Chair Dulce Gonell at 239- 776-2146 or

Tuesdays with Tessa on BlogTalk Radio

October is the month for settling in and making plans….and this week the theme is the option to love our true self.

Tuesdays with Tessa on BlogTalk Radio

Join Dr Deb Carlin as she engages one of her favorite people, close friend, and business associate, Tessa Greenspan.
Author of —  from Outhouse to Penthouse: Life Lessons on Love, Laughter, and Leadership Tessa shares her unique story as well as her survival and thriving tactics which have carried her through the year into great success on every dimension. She has ideas you will love to hear about, week after week. . Although very much alive, healthy, and vibrant, Dr Carlin created this platform in memory of the fabulous book, and movie — Tuesdays with Morrie written by Mitch Albom, it was such a beautiful tribute. And here now, making live tribute to this very important, special lady in our midst.

Tuesdays with Tessa on BlogTalk Radio

When Tessa and Dr Deb Carlin begin their talks, they always land in something productive, helpful, fun. Today was no exception — tune in and learn about the Pet Project that Tessa has taken on.

Tuesdays with Tessa on BlogTalk Radio

The theme of this playlist is about the collection of wisdom between two women, the host admiring her long time friend, Tessa Greenspan, and wanting to add to her incredible legacy with a love filled show highlighting her stories, wisdom, and overall good nature for all to benefit from, especially here in the oddness of 2020.

Mighty Talks with Leslie Toennies

Mighty Talks is here to talk about real health issues affecting real people. I created this podcast as an outlet, a way of connecting myself to others amidst this global pandemic. The main focus is to really dive in to all that encompasses chronic pain AND, which I think is just as important, how improving overall health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition can and will improve pain scores and enhance quality of life. Hop along and join in on the witty, emotional, vulnerable, and MIGHTY conversation! 

Tessa Greenspan: Live Life Full Out

Intercultural Talks with Tessa Greenspan & Host Deanna Shoss

Appreciating how you impact others is a core tenet of intercultural communication. For entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Tessa Greenspan, that is also what led her to say NO to bankruptcy and turn around her former business, Sappington Famers Market in St. Louis, going from $1M in debt to grossing $10M in sales before she sold it. Tessa has had this “can do” attitude since she was a child, inspired by her mother and all captured in her book, “From Outhouse to Penthouse” And that’s a literal and figurative outhouse and penthouse. Join us for Inspiration, motivation, and ideas for business and personal resiliency. Use the comments to ask questions in real-time.




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